Pet Pearls - Jewelry for Dogs and Cats

Pet Necklaces for the pampered dog and cat. This unique pet jewelry is carefully handmade in the USA with imported Swarovski crystals and pearls for your pet. Please allow for slight variations as each piece is made by hand with luxurious pearls and crystals.

View our unique selection of crystal pet collars and our pearl pet collars below and adorn your cat or dog with pearl pet jewelry. Pearls are just around 1/4"round in size.

Adorn your pooch or kitty with pet jewelry from Big Paw Designs! Cali the Calico Cat is adorned with Jackie-O Pearls


We recommend adding 1 to 1 1/2" to your pet's neck size. We do not recommend for long haired pets.


Our pet necklaces are popular with smaller dogs and cats. Swarovski crystal pearls are lead free crystal; resistant to wear, sun, water, scratches and weighted to feel like real pearls. The pearl collars are accented with colorful crystals &/or charms. These are not intended for use with a leash or serve as a standard collar. Strung on sturdy coated wire, these necklace collars have a safety magnetic closure that will break away in a precarious situation - but are strong and will stay on the pet. While the pearls & crystals are the finest imported Swarovski crystal, these necklaces are assembled in the USA. Pearls are original designs and copyrighted.