Pewter Collar Charms - Square Charms

$ 5.00

  • A Big Paw Designs original. Charms for collars!
  • Made in the USA
  • Ring attachment included.
  • Size: Approx. 7/8" square
  • Bone King,  Couch Potato, Fetch What,  Party Animal,  Power Tail, Spoiled Rotten, Spoiled Dog Bone, Squirrel Patrol Acorn, Talk to the Tail, Tricks For Bones, Woof Fleur de Lis 

Pewter is a durable metal that does not require much care. However, with everyday use, you may want to polish or clean occasionally. The charms can be cleaned and polished with a soft jewelry cloth or any metal polish or paste that is made for pewter . You may also wash in a mild soap and water and polish dry with a soft cloth.Our pewter charms are crafted from fine lead free silver pewter & Made in the USA. The metal is sourced from domestic suppliers and meets all current compliance regulations. Charms are substantial and popular with all pets. Keep in mind, while durable, pewter will soften with time. We cannot guarantee against aggressive chewers. They come with a sturdy ring attachment that fits any collar. Our collar charms are a fun, whimsical addition to your pet's collar and are not meant to replace the pet's ID tag. Charms are original designs and copyrighted. Check the back for our trademark and stamp.